Dead to Live Again ®

by Ronald and Helen Posey, with Diana R. Stone

Dead to Live Again front coverThis book, published in 2009, is the miraculous story of Ronnie Posey, a man who died five times after being hospitalized for heart surgery in 2002. It is the story of the extraordinary faith of his wife Helen, who believed that God would raise him from the dead, and how she refused to have him disconnected from life support, even after doctors said it was time to bury him.

The third time Ronnie died, his soul and spirit entered Paradise. After spending 34 days there, God told him that he would return to Earth and tell what he saw.

In this book, Ronnie answers questions that theologians have debated for centuries. He tells you:

Perhaps the most startling section of the book answers the question: The most powerful message for the believer today is answered in the question:

This book will answer questions that not only Christians have, but also people who are involved in other religions and forms of spirituality. For those who are searching, this book will answer questions that might have kept you from accepting the Christian faith as true and authentic.

By the time you finish this book, you will begin to see people as God sees them, and gain a clear understanding of the grace, mercy, and love of God for all of His creation. You will know without a doubt that you are so important to God that He does not want you to perish, but to accept the gift of salvation and receive eternal life.

Ronnie died for the fifth and final time on May 14, 2011 and went home to be with his heavenly Father. He was 68. He would have reached his 70th birthday on April 5, 2013.


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Before Ronnie's Time in Paradise

Chapter 1: Growing Up on Pepper Street (23:50, 10.9 MB)
Chapter 2: Opposites Attracted (26:08, 11.9 MB)
Chapter 3: A Tumultuous Life (26:38, 12.1 MB)
Chapter 4: Standing on the Word (23:08, 10.5 MB)
Chapter 5: Dead for the Third Time (18:51, 8.6 MB)

What Ronnie Saw and Heard

Chapter 6: Thirty-four Days in Paradise (22:07, 10.1 MB)
Chapter 7: What You See, You Will Tell (17:48, 8.2 MB)
Chapter 8: The Abode of the Dead (25:32, 11.6 MB)
Chapter 9: The Rest of the Story (35:02, 16.0 MB)


Chapter 10: A Changed Man (13:25, 6.1 MB)
Chapter 11: The Devil Will Still Try to Kill You (10:39, 4.9 MB)
Chapter 12: Our Final Thoughts (26:18, 12.0 MB)

Questions and Answers

-- Diana Stone's Q & A Intro (2:23, 1.1 MB)
Q01: Why are you allowed to recount what you saw, since the Apostle Paul was not? (4:06, 1.9 MB)
Q02: Is there Biblical proof that our soul/spirit pre-existed in Heaven? (7:38, 3.5 MB)
Q03: How is your soul and spirit coming from Heaven different from reincarnation? (8:55, 4.1 MB)
Q06: Why do some churches teach that babies don't go to Heaven? (6:15, 2.9 MB)
Q07: Would a loving God really send people to Hell? (6:45, 3.1 MB)
Q08: Why can't Lucifer be saved? (1:31, 0.7 MB)
Q09: Is the Valley of Decision the same thing as Purgatory? (5:43, 2.6 MB)
Q10: Is there Biblical proof of a place called the Valley of Decision? (4:40, 2.1 MB)
Q12: Why would God give people a second chance? (3:23, 1.5 MB)
Q13: Where does Scripture describe God's alternate plan? (8:00, 3.7 MB)
Q14: How many chances does one get for salvation? (4:52, 2.2 MB)
Q15: Why should we try to reach people with the Gospel? (4:35, 2.1 MB)
Q16: How many people have not heard the Gospel? (7:19, 3.3 MB)
Q17: Can you be a Christian and habitually engage in sin? (6:17, 2.9 MB)
Q18: Do you have to believe, confess, ask forgiveness, and be baptized to be saved? (14:11, 6.5 MB)
Q19: Please explain more about the four veils and the secret place of the Most High God. (10:22, 4.8 MB)
Q20: How do I make a decision for Christ and know that I will live with Him forever? (4:15, 2.0 MB)
Q21: How do I receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? (2:41, 1.2 MB)

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